This book is required reading for anyone interested in understanding how to most effectively approach the transfer of ownership in a company and to craft a successful transition for both shareholders and firm.

The author leverages his decades of international experience in helping owners at this stage of their life and career to think through all of the issues involved.  It is rich in examples and in practical advice on how to maximize transaction proceeds and crystallize value.

Dante Roscini,
Professor, Harvard Business School
Former Head of Global Equity Capital Markets, Merrill Lynch

I have always had a strong admiration for business builders, those “unsung heroes of society”.   From the perspective of someone who has spent years of his life buying businesses,  the preparation and methodology  recommended by Nemethy on how to prepare and execute an ownership transition would help most business owners improve the chances of a positive and timely outcome, while achieving their corporate and personal objectives.  Nemethy proposes a structured approach—crisp, clear and logical actions steps --  a powerful recipe for success.

Yves de Solages
Former Head of M&A for Cargill Europe

This book is a must read for every business owner and should become an integral part of any management degree.  It helps prepare business owners for what ultimately should be the most profitable transaction of their lives—the exit from their business.   With his vast experience on the subject, Nemethy breaks down this complex process into logical easy-to-follow steps, illustrated by useful mini case studies.

Stefano Albarosa
CEO, Cefin Group

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