Unlocking your Company’s Value deals with two major subjects:  Business Exit Planning, and managing a transaction (which includes raising capital, finding a strategic partner, and selling a majority or minority interest in a company).  Virtually all books on these subjects are aimed at corporate finance or legal professionals.  Unlocking your Company’s Value is the only book that deals with both of these subjects from the perspective of business owners.  In other words, if you own a company and are wondering about how and when to exit, this book is for you.

“As a corporate finance advisor, I have spoken to thousands of business owners over the past 25 years,” says Les Nemethy, author of the book.  “Most business owners have never exited a business before, and don’t fully understand their options, nor have they had experience managing a transaction.  Most investors or buyers, however, have invested many times before.  There is a fundamental gap in knowledge and experience between buyers and sellers of businesses in most situations.   I have done my best, in a compact 180 pages,  to provide business owners with a genuinely readable step by step approach on how to address this gap, illustrated with 30 mini real life case studies ”.

As in planning a mountain climb, a company owner should plan not only for reaching the summit, but also for descent (which can be at least as treacherous). In the corporate world, our objective should be not only how to make our companies bigger and better but, right from the start, how to maximise value on exit. Value will be optimised if a company is built with at least one eye on investor perception. Unlocking your Company’s Value brings you this perspective.

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